Successful Sever's Treatment

No More Wheelchairs!

No More Wheelchairs!

Earlier this year, one of our staff was listening to a friend lament over the helplessness she was experiencing in finding help for her daughter. Lauren* was 9 years old, spending her childhood in and out of cast boots and wheelchairs and driving with her mother all around San Francisco and the Bay Area from one doctor’s office to the next, including two of the top university medical centers in the country.

“My daughter is in an awful amount of pain, was diagnosed with Sever’s Disease in her foot, and they don’t know what’s wrong in her hip”, the woman explained. “We’ve been to all the specialists but no one seems to do anything for her that really works. It’s exhausting and she’s not happy.”

Knowing the Sever’s Disease clinical trial was experiencing great success, the staff member invited them to come to Napa the following week and be evaluated by Dr. Bodor.

Dr. Bodor confirmed the diagnosis and also diagnosed her with a similar problem in the hip, which has not been described before in the medical literature.

Using the knowledge gained through research supported by the Napa Medical Research Foundation, Dr. Bodor and Yvette Uribe started Lauren on a specialized rehabilitation protocol where she was able to get back out on the playground and run around with her friends in a matter of weeks. No more cast boots or wheelchairs!

The NMRF is proud to support the Sever’s Disease Study and are delighted to know Dr. Bodor’s research in the clinical trials benefits children and their families across Napa and the greater Bay Area. To learn more about the clinical trial, please call Yvette Uribe, Research Assistant (707) 492-0313 or email

* The patient’s name was changed out of respect for her privacy.

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 Reduce Pain. Increase Mobility + Function. Improve Quality of Life.

All the research conducted through the Napa Medical Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is fully funded through generous donations received from individuals and family foundations.

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