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We are grateful to NMRF Board of Director, Con Hewitt and his wife Linda for their wonderful generosity and hospitality! On Thursday, May 17th, the couple hosted a special fundraiser dinner to support the important work of Dr. Marko Bodor and his team of highly dedicated researchers.


The evening raised critical funds through direct donations and an exclusive 2-lot auction including, “The Senator and a (Michelin) Star”, a dinner with California State Senator Bill Dodd and his wife Mary for 8 at La Toque as guests of Chef Ken Frank. Guests were also invited to “Drink in the History” by bidding on a small selection of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines including a magnum of 2014 Ghost Block offered by Dawne Dickenson and Andrew Hoxsey of Napa Wine Co., a fabulous vertical from Paradigm Winery, 2010 thru 2012, contributed by Ren and Marilyn Harris., and a magnum of Charles Sawyer’s exceptional 6.1.


Acclaimed global, luxury restaurant and hotel Executive Chef Tony Breeze flew in from Maryland to prepare an exceptional three-course meal.  CONTINUE READING


From revolutionizing the global denim industry and producing world-class wines at Blankiet Estate to his meticulous work restoring 18th century paintings, Claude Blankiet invests both mind and body in every undertaking. This is his story of how an unexpected treatment became nothing short of miraculous.


Claude has long subscribed to a personal mantra, “Always ask questions – do not become complacent, remain curious.” It applied to all areas of his life and satiated his desire to know and understand the world around him, including his physical health.


Through friends, Claude was introduced to Dr. Marko Bodor, Director of Research for Napa Medical Research Foundation. It was the beginning of a long relationship centered around the mutual desire to minimize pain, improve function, and avoid surgery.


On this particular day Claude was receiving platelet rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) treatment for his spinal discs and facet joints. During preparation for the procedure, an idea came into Claude’s head. He held up a stiffly bent, very crooked middle finger and asked Dr. Bodor, “What can you do about this”?


The next morning Claude experienced his own personal miracle.    CONTINUE READING


  • The 13th Annual UCSF Spine Symposium, June 1 – 2, 2018     Dr. Bodor will present “Biologic Treatments for Discs: Fact or Fiction” at the UCSF Spine Symposium at the Parc 55 San Francisco – Hilton. The UCSF Spine Symposium is a two-day event emphasizing pioneering trends in diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for patients suffering from spinal disorders. This course is designed to be interactive, with talks given by leaders in the spine community. For information, please visit:
  • The 9th Annual PRP & Regenerative Medicine Symposium, Workshops & Cadaver Labs, June 7 – 9, 2018   Dr. Bodor joins world-renowned faculty to present and teach at this annual conference hosted by TOBI, The Orthobiologic Institute, at the Wynn Las Vegas. TOBI 2018 is an annual gathering of physicians, researchers and scientists from around the globe, who are on the forefront of orthopedics. TOBI introduces the cutting edge of the latest research and clinical innovations in orthopedic regenerative medicine.  To find out more, please visit:


  • Dr. Bodor, Ryan Dregalla, PhD, and Yvette Uribe, BS have prepared an update for their forthcoming chapter, “PRP: History, Mechanism of Action, Preparation and Clinical Applications”, in Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional Pain Management.
  • Dr. Bodor and his current fellows at the Bodor Clinic are writing a chapter for the book, “Ultrasound for Interventional Pain Management – An Illustrated Procedural Guide”.


  • Journal of the American Medical AssociationResponse by Dr. Marko Bodor To “Platelets’ Role in Adaptive Immunity May Contribute to Sepsis and Shock” by Tracy Hampton, PhDIn the April 3rd issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Tracy Hampton PhD summarized a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Eric Boilard PhD from Quebec, discovering an unappreciated role of platelets in the human immune response.

    Human platelets, unlike for instance platelets in mice, have an IgG receptor on them for antibodies. Thus, human platelets are activated in response to infections in which there are a lot of circulating antibodies.  We have known that platelets are bactericidal, killing bacteria upon contact, but the fact that they respond to IgG antibodies means they are involved in a more coordinated response to infections, including systemic infections.  Specifically, in response to infections, platelets can release their granules and drive systemic vasodilation and a drop in blood pressure.  The exact purpose of this is unknown, but possibly a reduction of blood pressure at the site of injury and infection could reduce the spread of infection.

    See FULL ARTICLE“Platelets’ Role in Adaptive Immunity May Contribute to Sepsis and Shock”.



Carpal Tunnel Release Study: 

The NMRF Research Team, together with colleagues from Mayo Clinic, are studying outcomes following ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release using the Sonex device. 34 cases are being followed with assessments obtained pre-procedure, at 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a 1 year post-procedure.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition affecting approximately 12 million Americans. Characterized by numbness, tingling, and weakness in the fingers, this condition results from the compression of the median nerve that runs along the inside of the wrist into the palm. Typically, orthopedic braces are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms. To address the cause requires surgery. Over the years, carpal tunnel surgery has advanced from an “open release” approach to arthroscopic procedures involving a tiny camera and requiring a much smaller incision site.Introducing high-precision ultrasound which allows for the camera to remain on the outside of the body can improve visualization and accuracy for specialized carpal tunnel release systems like the Sonex ultra-low profile surgical instrument.

Cervical Facet Injection Study:

The hypothesis for which this study was developed suggested the use of a high precision ultrasound-guided technique could deliver full doses of biologic agents with greater accuracy directly to the affected area within the cervical facet joint without harm of radiation.
Dr. Bodor and his team were successful in proving their hypothesis through the development of a hybrid injection technique using both high precision ultrasound & fluoroscopy. During the course of the study they performed 244 procedures on 201 patients. Their findings were analyzed and verified by Dr. Naveen Murthy of Mayo Clinic.
With the study complete, Drs. Bodor and Murthy, and Uribe, will submit the final paper for 2019 publication.

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DINNER UNDER THE STARS We are grateful to NMRF Board of Director, Con Hewitt and his wife Linda for their wonderful generosity and hospitality! On Thursday, May 17th, the couple hosted a special fundraiser dinner to support the important work of Dr. Marko Bodor and...


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