Michael Jackson, Chairman

Wishing all of our donors and friends the very best in negotiating this challenging year. In the words of Winston Churchill we are hopefully at “the end of the beginning” of the battle against COVID-19. As we all adjust to the new way of living until a vaccine is universally available against the virus, the Napa Medical Research Foundation (NMRF), is recalibrating its research program.

Dr. Marko Bodor, NMRF’s Director of Research and head of the Bodor Clinic, has been focusing on sharing the results of some of our research studies through the publication of our findings in peer reviewed medical journals. This work is being done with the support of our research team of Yvette Uribe and Ryan Dregalla, PhD. Some papers are co-authored with specialists from highly regarded medical centers. Details about these articles can be found on our Research page. Publication and dissemination of new medical findings that solve or ameliorate common medical problems are the Foundation’s gift to the world. The other most important mission of the Foundation is to improve medical outcomes in the Napa Valley by implementing our research findings to treat patients throughout the community.

The regulations on shelter in place and social distancing have inhibited our community outreach programs in the first half of 2020. As methods emerge for a more interactive daily life which can coexist with COVID-19, we expect to be able to increase our momentum in the second half of the year, especially for the Vineyard Worker Health Program. The Bodor Clinic is currently open for three days a week for telemedicine and as needed for direct medical intervention using all necessary precautions.

The Foundation received a small distribution from the Payroll Protection Program to help maintain our payroll for a few months; however, as a 100% publicly-supported nonprofit, we are under considerable budget pressure this year. We have reviewed NMRF discretionary spending and made appropriate reductions wherever possible, while protecting our team. Our mission of continuing to be an important force for advancing health care in the Napa Valley and beyond is undiminished. Financial support is essential to keep our research moving forward, so we ask all our donors to help at whatever level they can.


Michael Jackson
Napa Medical Research Foundation

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