Frequently Asked Questions

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The leading edge research being conducted by the NMRF naturally invites questions. We have been listening to our friends and neighbors around the Napa Valley and are pleased to provide a place where people can better understand regenerative medicine, discover new treatments, and explore our research.
Some of these questions include:
  • What is platelet rich plasma?
  • What kind of stem cells do you use?
  • What can your research do that is different from others?
We answer these, and many more, on our new FAQ website page.
The NMRF strives to educate and inform the public about the important advances taking place in the field of regenerative medicine. By answering your questions and addressing common misunderstandings, we can build meaningful support for the wide acceptance of less invasive, less costly medical treatments and procedures for conditions of the spine, nerves, joints, and tendons.
We invite you to check out Frequently Asked Questions and if you have a question to ask, please submit it to:

 Reduce Pain. Increase Mobility & Function. Improve Quality of Life.

All the research conducted through the Napa Medical Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is fully funded through generous donations received from individuals and family foundations.

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