Interview with Christopher Peacock

Interview with Christopher Peacock

As a strong advocate for the work of Dr. Bodor and as a contributor to the Napa Medical Research Foundation, could you please tell us how you got to know Dr. Bodor and your personal experience in receiving these leading edge treatments?


To begin, it is important to recognize that Dr Bodor is an extraordinary, superior and bright individual in addition to being a highly skilled and talented physician. He has remarkable breadth of knowledge well beyond the medical arena. This enhances his ability to examine problems with fresh and unique insight and creates a very engaging experience for the patient.

My own experience with Dr. Bodor comprises two separate medical conditions on two different parts of my body: the treatment I received for both – Platelet Rich Plasma – proved highly effective.

Nearly 20 years ago, I tore my gluteus medius tendon off the end of my femur which required a highly specialized and uncommon surgery at the time. While the team at Mayo Clinic reattached the tendon, it never fully healed. I was left with a misaligned foot that left me without the ability to run and a pronounced limp when walking. Sixteen years later I was referred to Dr. Bodor to see if I could possibly benefit from the use of platelets where the tendon had pulled away from the bone. Following the ultrasound-guided PRP injections, the limp has significantly healed and my walking has improved immensely!

Recognizing the powerful impact of the platelets, I engaged Dr. Bodor in a discussion about the severe arthritis in my right hand. After accompanying me personally to the hand specialized surgeon in San  Francisco, and lending his exceptional technical ability to observe tendons, nerve and bone, the partially-successful surgery still resulted in an an incredible amount of chronic pain. With several platelet injections, Dr. Bodor has been able to greatly reduce that pain, and improve my functionality.

~ Christopher Peacock

We would like to thank Chris Peacock for sharing his story with us. His generous support for the Napa Medical Research Foundation and his advocacy for Dr. Bodor’s work is greatly appreciated!

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