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$50,000 secures a NMRF Research Fellow for 1 year. The addition of a dedicated research fellow offers the team more brain power and bandwidth during these critical early years.

$25,000 underwrites the Vineyard Worker pilot program. The study provides access to leading edge treatments for 5 vineyard workers experiencing chronic, untreated pain.

$15,000 ensures clinical study patients receive MRI. For some, medical costs can be prohibitive. We need to ensure every participant has proper imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

$10,000 supports ongoing Clinical and Laboratory Studies including: The therapeutic action of cell components; an ultra-minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery; and a new platelet lysate product.

$5,000 funds our PhD Cell + Molecular Biologist for one month. The innovations occurring in our lab are directly related to the caliber of our team. The early outcomes being delivered are promising.

$2,500 provides one month’s worth of critical NMRF Research Lab supplies. Special dyes, reagents, and fragile cell material are essential to establish protocols for, and improve quality of, cellular therapies.



657 discs from 278 patients exhibited good to excellent outcomes from intradiscal PRP.
48 kids experienced marked resolution of their Sever’s Disease in the first 2 weeks.
16 lectures + presentations for leading international medical symposiums and conferences.
14 publications, including 7 peer-reviewed journal articles and 7 book chapters.
6 current studies underway, 4 projects completed, and 3 case studies under consideration.
5 possible patent applications for intellectual property and product development.
1 hybrid ultrasound-guided injection technique proven more accurate than current practices.



Prior to the Sever’s Disease Study, my 11-year old son could barely walk and was in constant pain. The doctors had put one foot in a cast, the other in an ortho boot. In just 2 weeks with Dr. Bodor’s new regimen, he was cast-free and pain-free. – Stacy E.

The platelet rich plasma and stem cell treatments I have received have been so helpful to me in relieving bilateral knee pain and avoiding surgery for total knee replacement. I feel very blessed to be in your expert care! – Francesca P.

Regenerative medicine is the future and I’m living proof that these non-invasive therapies are worth pursuing. The research being conducted by Dr. Bodor and the NMRF has the potential to change modern medicine, eliminate certain risks and improve short and long term outcomes. – Oliver S.

Dr. Harry K. Genant: IOF Medal of Achievement

The IOF Medal of AchievementThe International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Medal of Achievement award recognizes a distinguished researcher whose innovative work in the field of non-invasive and quantitative imaging of bone has advanced knowledge in the mechanisms of...

Improving ACL Treatment

ACL Technique Validation Study We asked Dr. Tracy Høeg about the ACL Technique Validation Study to find out what's going on, why this is so important and what she's most excited about! Pictured: Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD   What is the purpose of the ACL Technique...

Vineyard Worker Health Program

En español abajo. Download the bilingual flyer. Descarga la hola informativa bilingüe.Vineyard Workers: Do you feel pain when you are working? Have you seen a doctor for this problem but you are still in pain? Do you want to work more and with less pain? If you...

Teaming Up with UC Davis for Kids

Oliver Starr has been featured as one of our success stories. Here's how his recovery could help kids with ACL injuries. Extreme Athlete, Extreme recoveryIn March 2018, Oliver's MRI showed his ACL as "nearly normal" after receiving BMAC injections from Dr. Bodor,...

Visit Our Research Lab

Napa Medical Research Foundation Lab Ever wonder what happens in our lab? Officially opened in January 2018, the Napa Medical Research Foundation's lab is where our research team, Ryan Dregalla, PhD and Yvette Uribe, BS, work on studies and special projects....

NMRF Applies for A Utility Patent

In the cutting edge of medical and scientific research, a small, non-profit organization being awarded a patent feels a lot like the story of David versus Goliath. US-based universities doing research in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology lead the...

Welcome to Gretchen De Baubigny

The NMRF Board of Directors and Staff welcome Gretchen De Baubigny, a resident of St. Helena and San Francisco broadly respected for her creativity, warmth, and lifelong belief in the power of philanthropy. She is an advocate for issues involving education and health,...

Support Leading Edge Research

SUPPORT LEADING EDGE RESEARCH   We are incredibly fortunate to have Marko Bodor, MD and his research team here in Napa. The leading edge work they are doing is helping to change lives by reducing pain, increasing mobility, and improving quality of life.  ...

Invest in the Future of Regenerative Medicine

SUPPORT LEADING EDGE RESEARCH $50,000 secures a NMRF Research Fellow for 1 year. The addition of a dedicated research fellow offers the team more brain power and bandwidth during these critical early years. $25,000 underwrites the Vineyard Worker pilot program. The...

Non-Profits Are Changing the Medical Research Landscape

Save & Exit The role of non-profit foundations in the area of medical research is becoming increasingly more significant. Flexible, independent, driven by patients’ needs, funded by individual donors, and operating with a fully functional research...


 Reduce Pain. Increase Mobility & Function. Improve Quality of Life.

All the research conducted through the Napa Medical Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is fully funded through generous donations received from individuals and family foundations.

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