Welcome to the Board: Kenneth Novack

It is our pleasure to welcome Kenneth Novack to the NMRF Board of Directors. Mr. Novack’s extensive board service reflects a deep commitment to community and a strong belief in the power of philanthropy. A founding partner of Schnitzer West and CEO of MMGL Holding Corp., Mr. Novack has particular expertise in manufacturing, finance, international business, shipping, real estate and family business.

Prior to moving to San Francisco, Mr. Novack made significant contributions to the health and vibrancy of the Portland area where his board service included the Oregon Health & Science University, Doerbecher’s Children’s Hospital, the Portland Art Association, and the Oregon Investment Council, to name a few. The Life Trustee of Marylhurst University and Lewis & Clark College has also served as Chairman of the Metropolitan Arts Commission, the Oregon Youth Services Commission, and of the Portland Business Alliance.



Learning to Live Without Pain

The Personal Story of Farrok Yazdi

If Julius Caesar is correct in stating, “it is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience”, then Farrok Yazdi is one of those rare men with patience. The part-time Napa resident has lived with unbearable constant pain for more than 20 years, and has done so rather graciously as anyone who knows him would attest.

For people like Farrok who spend much of their lifetimes functioning in a state of daily physical suffering, the concept of living without is unfathomable. It becomes an integral part of your daily activity, dictating what you will or will not do, informing where you will go, who you will see, or denying you those opportunities.

Remarkably, Farrok has maintained a robust social life, expending great energy in building a Persian Studies program at the University of Southern California, traveling with his wife Mahvash, and so much more, despite the discomfort.

From birth, he suffered from a spinal condition that would ultimately result in a massive surgery 12 years ago to free the critical L-5 nerve root in his lumbrosacral joint, the intricate L5 – S1 vertebral segment of the lower back. When the structures in this area of the spine are damaged or diseased, mobility can be severely limited and the conditions create massive amounts of lower back and leg pain. The surgical procedure was successful at first, but within one year Farrok felt as though he would never live another pain-free day.

In July 2016, Farrok was introduced to Dr. Marko Bodor with the understanding that he might have a solution, one that could address the pain and mobility issues without surgery.



A Look at The Global Market: Regenerative Medicine + Stem Cell Therapy

According to the majority of global market research analysts, regenerative medicine is primed for expansive growth in the coming years. Regenerative-based treatments are expected to offer cures for degenerative and life-threatening diseases, provide alternatives to surgical solutions, and promote vast technological advances in biologics, genes, and stem cells.

Projected valuations for the regenerative medicine market are widely spread. The more conservative reports reflect a moderate growth rate reaching $38 billion by 2021. Others far more optimistic in their projections anticipate the market to exceed $100 billion by 2022. Regardless of the value, there is broad consensus that the global stem cell market will be the driving force.



From the NMRF Research Lab

With the creation of the new NMRF research lab + office space in Suite 2C of the Wellness Center, Dr. Bodor and his research team are already making progress on exciting new discoveries with respect to the regenerative treatments being used in current NMRF clinical studies.

New Discoveries and Potential Areas of Study

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are leading the industry in orthobiologics – the application of biologic therapies for orthopedic applications. The widespread use of PRP, though, has raised a number of questions in the minds of researchers and physicians like Dr. Bodor including:

  • What is the most effective concentration of PRP?
  • What is the correct dosage for each injection?
  • How many platelets qualify an injection as beneficial?
  • How do co-administered substances (e.g. radiopaque dyes) influence platelet function?



Current Research Study Updates

Intradiscal Platelet-Rich Plasma Study

Dr. Bodor and his research team have succeeded in developing a technique combining non-invasive ultrasound with the standard fluoroscopy procedure to more accurately access damaged or diseased cervical discs and more effectively deliver the necessary treatment. Following 244 procedures affecting 482 discs, this singular approach to intradiscal PRP was specifically performed on 12 patients, possible forming the basis for a new clinical study in the future.

Nerve Conduction Velocity and Cross-Sectional Area in Ulnar Neuropathy at the Elbow

The completed research paper reflecting the findings of our recent collaborative study on ulnar neuropathy is available here electronically and will soon be printed in Muscle & Nerve. We believe we can develop an ultrasound-guided procedure to release the cubital tunnel and look forward to the possibility of offering an ultra-minimally invasive treatment for patients suffering from ulnar neuropathy at the elbow.

RELEASE DATE: September 2017

Regenerative Treatments in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine

Chapter 9: “Amniotic and Umbilical Cord products, Alpha-2 Macroglobulin, and Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein”

By Sean Colio, Marko Bodor, and Ryan Dregalla

This chapter reviews these three emerging areas of regenerative medicine and explores their utility in treating various acute and chronic musculoskeletal pathologies. Their conclusion recommends additional randomized clinical trials are needed to understand the future potential of these products and proposes additional comparisons to existing orthobiologics and other regenerative medicine techniques.

Read Chapter 9 in full or pre-order your copy of the book.

Improving ACL Treatment

ACL Technique Validation Study We asked Dr. Tracy Høeg about the ACL Technique Validation Study to find out what's going on, why this is so important and what she's most excited about! Pictured: Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD   What is the purpose of the ACL Technique...

Carpal Tunnel Release Provides Relief

50+ Successful Carpal Tunnel Releases In February 2017, Dr. Bodor completed his first ultrasound guided micro-invasive carpal tunnel release. Now he's completed over 50 successful procedures and says, "The patient experience has been great." According to Dr. Bodor,...

Teaming Up with UC Davis for Kids

Oliver Starr has been featured as one of our success stories. Here's how his recovery could help kids with ACL injuries. Extreme Athlete, Extreme recoveryIn March 2018, Oliver's MRI showed his ACL as "nearly normal" after receiving BMAC injections from Dr. Bodor,...

A Letter From Our Founder

As we approach the fifth anniversary of establishing the Napa Medical Research Foundation, we realize how far we have advanced regenerative orthopedics in a short period of time, and we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on how it all got started.  I was...

Winter 2019 Newsletter

A message from our founder Michael and Pepper Jackson with Dr Marko Bodor and his wife, Jackie. As we approach the fifth anniversary of establishing the Napa Medical Research Foundation, we realize how far we have advanced regenerative orthopedics in a short period of...

The Latest News, November 2018

WELCOME GRETCHEN DE BAUBIGNY The NMRF Board of Directors and Staff welcome Gretchen De Baubigny, a resident of St. Helena and San Francisco broadly respected for her creativity, warmth, and lifelong belief in the power of philanthropy. She is an advocate for issues...

The Latest News, September 2018

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The Latest News JULY 2018

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: A new, online resource The leading edge research being conducted by the NMRF naturally invites questions. We have been listening to our friends and neighbors around the Napa Valley and are pleased to provide a place where people can better...

The Latest News: MAY 2018

DINNER UNDER THE STARS We are grateful to NMRF Board of Director, Con Hewitt and his wife Linda for their wonderful generosity and hospitality! On Thursday, May 17th, the couple hosted a special fundraiser dinner to support the important work of Dr. Marko Bodor and...


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