As we approach the fifth anniversary of establishing the Napa Medical Research Foundation, we realize how far we have advanced regenerative orthopedics in a short period of time, and we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on how it all got started.

 I was introduced to Dr. Marko Bodor by a dear friend who was a neurosurgeon and who said Marko “was the real deal”. After Dr. Bodor saved my knee from replacement surgery through the use of PRP, I became more focused on the emerging technologies behind “reduced pain, increased mobility and no operating table”.

(Pictured: Michael and Pepper Jackson and Dr. Marko Bodor with his wife, Jackie, at Festival Napa Valley 2018.)

While getting to know Marko, I was drawn to his range of knowledge, enthusiasm, hard work and multiple projects to advance the science of more effective and efficient delivery of medical care. What he needed was a funding source, which was not apparent in Napa, but was beckoning from institutions such as Harvard and Stanford. Dr. Bodor wanted to stay in Napa: it was his home, his children were in school and he loved the community, but he also had a passion to advance his research to simplify and improve delivery of medical treatments. He was widely respected in peer circles and in much demand as a medical speaker.

During that time, I also became aware of the great number of people who passionately wanted Dr. Bodor to stay in Napa, not only because of their own positive medical experiences, but also because of his personal warmth and kindness. Since I had some knowledge of how to start a supporting foundation, I felt compelled to see if we could help to keep Marko and his leading-edge research in Napa. My associate, Hanna Stolarczyk, went to work and after an extended communication with the IRS, on August 13, 2014, we were recognized as a 501(c)3 public nonprofit research foundation. 

The next step was to put together a small Board of Directors of enthusiastic Marko Bodor MD supporters, and design a website to explain the Foundation’s mission and initial research focus. Since that time, we have expanded all aspects of the Foundation, including assembling a first-class laboratory to conduct research on a basic cellular level. With the help of an expanding base of financial support, we hope to realize the Foundation’s goal to become the leading West Coast center for regenerative orthopedics and ultra-minimal, ultrasound-based surgery for medical conditions of the spine, joints, nerves, tendons and ligaments.


Michael Jackson, Chairman of the Board
Napa Medical Research Foundation

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