BACKGROUND: Pain in the lateral hip or greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS) affects a large number of middle-aged and older individuals. Most general practitioners and orthopedists currently attribute this to bursitis. The treatment typically involves rest, ice, heat, stretching and strengthening and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). With no improvement, a corticosteroid injection is often given resulting  in the resolution of symptoms, often temporarily. Patients experiencing recurrent symptoms receive repeated injections, the continued success of which decreases over time (see Rompe JD, Segal NA et al., Home Training, Local Corticosteroid Injection or Radial Shock Therapy for GTPS, American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2009).

HYPOTHESIS: Through ultrasound examination, we have found many patients with recurring symptoms show tendon tears of the rotator cuff of the hip: the gluteus minimus tendon and the anterior and posterior gluteus medius tendons. We believe an injection of concentrate of plasma-rich platelets into the tendon defect can result in healing and permanent improvement of symptoms in approximately 4 weeks.

CURRENT RESEARCH FINDINGS: We are in the process of finishing retrospective chart review assessing the outcomes of all patients who have received PRP for gluteus medius tendon tears. Our results show 80-90% of patients have experienced complete resolution of symptoms at 1 month sustained at 12 months, thus improving function and quality of life months sooner than for alternative treatments without decrement at 1 year.


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