Manager of Community Relations

Ms. Voss is a hospitality specialist with a core passion for philanthropy an extensive professional and personal experience in the healing arts. She served as Patron Service for Festival Napa Valley, a non-profit organization enriching arts, education and community programs for the Napa Valley. Her responsibilities included sales, database management, vendor coordination, marketing distribution, and donor stewardship. Michelle has also worked in the wine and hospitality industries, enriching her knowledge about Napa Valley wines and deepening her experience in sales and customer service.

As a physical therapy assistant, she helped professional athletes with post-surgical rehabilitation for knee, shoulder, ankle, and back injuries, and gained a deep understanding of recovery using massage, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, tens, biomechanical retraining and Pilates.

A lifelong athlete and an inveterate arts & live performance enthusiast, Michelle is an expert fire and light dancer. She also enjoys hiking in the mountains, riding her bike, swinging clubs on the golf course and is always looking for new ways to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle.




 Reduce Pain. Increase Mobility & Function. Improve Quality of Life.

All the research conducted through the Napa Medical Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is fully funded through generous donations received from individuals and family foundations.