“Before we discovered Dr. Bodor’s study, I was in a hard boot for about three weeks. I couldn’t do anything!” After focusing on her exercises, Megyn’s symptoms improved. “The exercises strengthened my feet and heels so I could get back to doing the things I love. It’s really amazing how fast this treatment works.” ~ Megyn

Here at the Napa Medical Research Foundation (NMRF) we are thrilled to be entering the final stages of our Sever’s Disease Study. Dr. Marko Bodor and his team of researchers, have had the pleasure of working with 54 children from our community, ranging in age from 7 to 17, who suffered from pain in the ankles and feet – symptoms often seen in highly athletic children undergoing growth spurts. We treated kids who played soccer, softball, golf, basketball and trained in the martial arts. Many had endured intermittent pain for months and years, despite trying various forms of treatment that included rest, shoe inserts and cast-boots. The condition was first described in 1912 by James Sever MD, orthopedic surgeon in Boston and the disease had been attributed to inflammation of the calcaneus (heel bone) and its growth plate.
The NMRF study had two goals. First, to gain more insight as to the cause of Sever’s Disease and second, to develop a cure. After obtaining and analyzing MRI scans on all the children, we found that few had visible abnormalities of the bone or growth plate. This was consistent with Dr. Bodor’s hypothesis, namely that the cause of pain in Sever’s was a mismatch between the growing child’s increasing weight versus the ability of the tendon to withstand that load. Dr. Bodor came up with a new treatment, which he first tried on his 11-year-old daughter. Rather than resting and limiting weight-bearing as has been done for over 100 years, he exposed the tendons to progressive heavy load training. 
The results were impressive. At the close of the study, over 90% of the children had resolution of their long-standing pain and were able to resume their usual sports activities. When a few of the children experienced recurrence of symptoms, they were able to resolve them quickly by reinstating the heavy load training. 
Marko Bodor MD and Yvette Uribe BS will prepare a manuscript for publication in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. When the findings are published, over a million children around the world will benefit from the new treatment, which can be learned on YouTube and does not require any special equipment or even a visit to the doctor. 
We need your help to complete this critical, final step that would allow us to disseminate our findings and make this new treatment available to other children suffering from Sever’s Disease. Your contribution to the Napa Medical Research Foundation will show your support for those children who have received treatment and will help many children in our community and beyond to regain mobility, resume their favorite physical activities and enjoy a pain-free childhood. 

Suggested Contribution Levels

Funds the next NMRF clinical study affecting young people in our community
– use of stems cells for ACL repair.
Allows us to compile final findings,
and to author and share the Sever’s Disease manuscript.
Creates our YouTube video on Sever’s Disease overview, findings and prescribed exercises.
Renews our Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight for the Sever’s Disease Study.
Purchases supporting background articles and images
for writing the Sever’s Disease manuscript.
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