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In a Few Words

Relief. Happiness. Gratitude.



Pain no longer dominates my every minute. It’s hard to express the gratitude in appropriate measure when vitality is returned, and an active life is restored.

Liz. H

The PRP and stem cell treatments I have received from the Bodor Clinic have been so helpful to me in relieving bilateral knee pain and avoiding surgery for total knee replacement. I feel very blessed to be in Dr. Bodor’s expert care!
Francesca Payne

Getting used to not having pain is a process. You have to re-learn how to live. I am less anxious and less irritable; I am not always waiting for that moment when the pain strikes. I am calmer and my life is much more enjoyable.
Farrokh Yazdi

To begin, it is important to recognize that Dr Bodor has remarkable breadth of knowledge well beyond the medical arena. This enhances his ability to examine problems with fresh and unique insight and creates a very engaging experience for the patient.
Chris Peacock

Prior to the Sever’s Disease Study, my 11-year old son was barely able to walk and was in constant pain. The doctors had put one foot in a cast, the other in an ortho boot. After two weeks of Dr. Bodor’s new regimen, he was cast and pain free.

Stacy Ewing

Dr. Bodor is leading the charge in regenerative medicine. We are so lucky to have him in the Napa Valley.
Heidi Barrett

Regenerative medicine is the future and I’m living proof that these non-invasive therapies are worth pursuing. The research being conducted by Dr. Bodor and the NMRF has the potential to change modern medicine, eliminate certain risks abs improve short and long term outcomes.
Oliver Starr

Dr. Bodor is absolutely unique. His innovation is powerful and challenges us to earn back our health. It’s a healing process, not a quick fix.
Elizabeth Swanson