The Foundation welcomes Sarah Pursell

In April 2019, Sarah Pursell joined our team as the President of the Napa Medical Research Foundation. In this capacity, she will serve as the primary liaison with the Board of Directors and have direct operating responsibility for all Foundation activities and employees. Sarah will work together with the Board of Directors in the development of strategic plans, community leadership and donor engagement activities.

A letter from our President.

Read Sarah’s Bio.

Improving ACL Treatment

“I am very excited and hopeful that this study, along with the clinical trial at UC Davis, could change the way medical professionals around the world treat ACL tears with a minimally invasive injection, rather than a costly and potentially complicated surgery.”

– Dr. Tracy Høeg

Get Dr. Høeg’s update on her ACL study.

International Medal of Achievement

In April 2019, Napa Medical Research Foundation Board Member Harry K. Genant, MD received the Medal of Achievement from the International Osteoporosis Foundation in recognition of his original and outstanding scientific contributions.

Read about Dr. Genant’s accomplishments.

Liz H.: An Active Life Restored

“Pain no longer dominates my every minute.”

“It’s hard to express the gratitude in appropriate measure when vitality is returned, and an active life is restored.” 

–  Liz H.

Read Liz’s Story.

Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

“These are among the happiest patients in my practice. They are appreciative of the almost immediate resolution of pain and numbness at night, and the fast ability to return to work and activities of daily living.”

– Dr. Marko Bodor

Find out what else Dr. Bodor has to say.


Recruiting Vineyard Workers
with chronic pain

The Napa Medical Research Foundation is accepting vineyard workers with chronic pain on a case-by-case basis to be a part of our new, free treatment program.

Our goal is to help eligible vineyard workers receive free, minimally invasive, regenerative treatment that will help them continue to work and live with less pain.

Please share this important information with your vineyard management contacts.

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