Pain no longer dominates my every minute. It’s hard to express the gratitude in appropriate measure  when vitality is returned, and an active life is restored.

Liz H

The Napa Medical Research Foundation is dedicated to pioneering medical advances for:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendon and ligament disorders

Every day, patients suffering from physical pain and disability due to injury or aggravated medical conditions undergo treatments that are often ineffective and invasive or have short-lived outcomes.

The demanding nature of the wine industry can lead to pain and repetitive motion injuries of the shoulder, back, hand, elbow, foot and ankle. An untreated injury can develop into a chronic condition and  become a huge loss of productivity.


  • Are you currently employed at a winery or vineyard management company?
  • Do you feel joint pain during or after work?
  • Do you have health insurance* and/or have an open Worker’s Comp claim?
  • Do you want to work and live life with less pain?

If you answered yes to these questions, you could be a candidate.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact the Napa Medical Research Foundation at  (707) 492-0313.




The Vineyard Worker Health Program (VWHP) is a community program funded by the Napa Medical Research Foundation that provides the opportunity for the patient* to explore regenerative medicine treatment options to repair the body and reduce chronic pain effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to get workers back to productivity and wellness.

The greatest benefit is being able to heal patients who, despite other treatments, continue to have chronic pain and disability. We use the patient’s own platelets or stem cells, which are injected back into the injured tissue, to speed up  the healing process and, in some cases,  avoid surgery altogether.  “Using ultrasound, we can correctly identify the location of a patient’s injury and precisely target treatment,” explains Dr. Marko Bodor.

*Patients must currently work within the wine industry and be pre-screened for eligibility.  A referral to the Bodor Clinic by a primary care physician, specialist or Worker’s Compensation program is required.



Treatment options funded by the NMRF through the Vineyard Worker Health Program are provided at the highly-esteemed Bodor Clinic in Napa, recognized as one of the leaders for minimally-invasive regenerative medicine.


Dr. Marko Bodor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex orthopedic and neurologic conditions in adults and children. He is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports and Pain Medicine.

Dr. Bodor is recognized for his contributions to peer-reviewed medical journals and books in topics relating to spine, shoulder, hand, wrist, knee, muscle and nerve disorders.




Insurance is beginning to recognize that regenerative treatments are effective in repairing musculoskeletal conditions and are now covering the cost of treatment in some states. However, since this is typically not yet the case in California, we want eligible members of the vineyard and winery community to have access to regenerative, minimally-invasive orthopedic health care without  cost.

Most health insurance companies cover the cost for clinical appointments, some diagnostic tests and the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.  The Vineyard Worker Health Program will cover any remaining costs.

Appointments through the Bodor Clinic are on a first-come basis.

To make an appointment you will need:

  • A referral to the Bodor Clinic from your primary care physician or specialist.
  • Copies of your medical records with current diagnosis and treatment for the condition.
  • Imaging studies (e.g. MRI) of the affected area, if available.
  • To be able to attend appointments and continue treatment for 2 -6 months.



Phone: 707-492-0313


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